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so it’s up to you guys, do you want us to start posting again?

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its 2013 if you still like sleeping with sirens im sorry 

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dtsarmy has asked: Hey there, sorry for the random message, but will you take a second to check out DESIGN THE SKYLINE signed to Victory Records? They are my favorite band, and the members are soo nice. I really think you'll like them! I have a link to their Facebook page on my Tumblr, please go and check them out and give them a LIKE! <3


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still on hiatus tbh

hope you’re all having a great valentine’s day though, love you all lots xo

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Anonymous has asked: Stop hating on Kellin Quinn. -.-

they’re not all our own opinions dont complain to me bc i dont give shit xo

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we are on HIATUS, which may or may not be indefinite

i simply do not have enough time, and Colin and Morgan are not running it with me at all 

when i find either the time or people to help run this blog, we will resume posting. 

thanks, and hope you’re all doing well xo


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Anonymous has asked: What's your opinion on Blood On The Dance Floor and their music?

Personally, I do not like them. I think the way they dress is kind of dumb, and I don’t really care for their music. However, I really don’t care if you listen to them, since everyone has a different taste. And I think the whole BOTDF sucks thing is a little overrated at this point

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Anonymous has asked: ugh I know this probably doesn't matter but I'm reading through the posts and people are writing "____ is one of of the most underrated bands" it's are the bAND ISN'T JUST ONE PERSON IT'S A GROUP OF PEOPLE

no, band is singular, not plural. it doesn’t work that way bye.

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